Of the three books I found this the strongest. In many ways I wish that the series had ended here: I’ll go into why in detail in the next review.

We are slowly guided through the links between seemingly disparate entities. We find out more about Aomame’s past and her religious connection. We find out more about the little people and their connection to the cult, and to Tengo. We discover more about how 1q84 differs from 1984. We discover what drives The Duchess’ personal crusade.

What was most delightful about this novel was the drawing out of the characters of Aomame and Tengo. I found them initially very much a cipher, a projection, quite dull in some ways in pt 1. Very, very reactive. In pt 2 we see them much more capable of individual agency.

Dislikes? A bit too much of the macguffin for me and I really don’t like characters that are dropped in as red shirts. And again, as much as I like the craft of Murakami, it started to get incredibly indulgent.