Although this sort of stuff is fairly pointless with pre-recorded shows but I found this still from Bake Off last night really interesting:


And in the interest of not spoiling people who don’t want to be spoiled I’m going to put some sort of (hopefully effective) cut tag here. From left to right we had my evaluation of how the bakers were doing. Yan, although fabulous, didn’t have aesthetic to go much further. Then I think Stacey and Kate are quite close together in terms of skill but both probably due to go out soon. Steven is technically good but sometimes slips on flavour, Liam has the much-loved (by bake off) blend of innovation and skill that should take him to the final three and Sophie. Oh Sophie.  She’s obviously solid on flavour, can do attention to detail and has some interesting ideas.

So lined up we have how it’s going to go I think. Yan left us this week (BOOOOOO) and I think she will be closely followed by Stacey/Kate then Steven, Liam and Sophie as the final three. Amazingly this is almost the reverse of who has been making good TV. Sophie hasn’t really featured much which I initially thought was because she wasn’t really interesting.

Then I remembered Frances. When she won I was a bit stunned because the edit to that point made it look like, well, it was all visually impressive but not so much on the bake. And this is the problem with Bake Off. We can’t taste it. We have no idea if the rum is coming through (if Mary likes it, yes) or if the lemon is overpowered. We are completely in the hands of the production team. Sophie might be an absolutely riotous laugh-a-minute but they have been filling time with the people who are going to go out earlier on and downplaying before the reveal.

Of course next week she could have a week like Kate did this (poor love, I thought she was going to just throw her face down in the pizza a one point) and go out.