Not THAT type of clubbing (not my scene before covid). Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, more specifically the discord belonging to it, have had a book group running from the end of 2020. Plan is to archive some reviews etc. and discussions around this post.

Book Group

Jan 23 The Girls of Slender Means
Feb 23 Stone Blind
Mar 23 Station Eleven

Jan 22 Lud-in-the-Mist
Feb 22 Around the World in 80 Days
Mar 22 Let’s Kill Uncle
Apr 22 A Shadow in Summer
May 22 Skyward Inn
Jun 22 Nettle and Bone
Jul 22 The Galaxy, and the Ground Within
Aug 22 The Poppy War
Sep 22 Embertide
Oct 22 Treacle Walker
Nov 22 Ack Ack Macaque
Dec 22 The Spare Man

Nov 20 Comet Weather
Dec 20 The Green Man’s Heir
Jan 21 The Stone Weta
Feb 21 Mexican Gothic
Mar 21 Piranesi
Apr 21 The Space Between Worlds
May 21 Black Sun
Jun 21 The City We Became
Aug 21 Murderbot (All Systems Red)
Sep 21 PDjeli Clark novellas, novel
Oct 21 PDjeli Clark novellas, novel pt 2
Nov 21 The Animals in that Country
Dec 21 Lolly Willowes