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CMALT Application – Contextual Statement

My current role is e-Learning Manager at The City of Liverpool College. My main responsibility is the oversight and delivery of a digital learning environment that, while it delivers in the context of current staff and students, is also flexible and innovative enough to anticipate future needs. In practice, this involves the day-to-day oversight of our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) plus:

  • Training and support for staff to develop digital skills and enhance digital pedagogy
  • Connect with the wider eLearning community through communities of practice, conferences and training events to ensure we reflect best current practice and future developments
  • Monitor the use of e-learning technology to measure impact, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Work across the organisation to ensure the digital learning strategy reflects the wider college mission and values
  • To promote accessibility and inclusion across our content and platforms

Previous to my role in the college I worked at the University of Liverpool as a Technology Enhanced Learning Support Supervisor. My primary role and focus was support for eLearning in the School of Life Sciences, a job I enjoyed for 15 years. In this time I worked with diverse learners supporting students at undergraduate and postgraduate level and teaching staff.

My work with the University actually began straight after my first degree (B.Sc. Genetics) in 1993 as a laboratory technician. I moved into a role sequencing DNA after a number of years and became interested in computational biology. As a result I undertook am M.Sc. in Biosystems and Informatics, revealing an aptitude in web-based systems and applications and I started to work more with software and systems rather than research work. My first recognisable IT role was as an administrator for a suite of Linux computers. As the learning technology needs of the department changed I worked more in supporting staff in the use of the VLE (Blackboard) as well as other information systems, web pages, student surveys and communications. I was involved in a number of university projects including deployment of a managed printing system, student course evaluation and VLE procurement. It was this experience that encouraged me to look into wider opportunities within Learning Technology.

As I was involved in a larger cross-departmental team I also worked with new staff and interns to develop their skills in supporting technology enhanced learning. For me, TEL support was not just a technical or innovative job, it is communications, customer service and delivery, all skills that a successful technologist needs to develop.

Like many who work in learning technology I see an application for CMALT as an opportunity to formally demonstrate my commitment to professional development, to reflect on my past career progression, and identify key areas I may need to concentrate on at this stage of my career.

I am using the notation below to indicate examples of my practice aligning with CMALT principles and values:
A = A commitment to exploring and understanding the interplay between
technology and learning.
= A commitment to keep up to date with new technologies.
C = An empathy with and willingness to learn from colleagues from different backgrounds and
specialist areas.
D = A commitment to communicate and disseminate effective practice.

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the statements and evidence included in this submission accurately describe my practice and are drawn from my own work, with the input and support of others duly and clearly recognised.

Angela Rosin

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