Weight watchers have updated their plan and, in a break from tradition, I’ve found it easier to stick to. Since November they way I eat has changed quite substantially but I’ve found it a lot easier to eat well, feel satisfied and still lose weight (at my usual glacial rate).

I’ve been uploading images and recipes to various ww places but not really keeping a record for myself*. So here goes.


Fairly typical meaty dishes like stroganoff or steak and mushroom feature heavily.

There’s some batch cooking: here’s a (slightly burnt) lamb curry that was put with a veg side and rice in the freezer.

I make meatloaf with beef mince and mini quiches using taco shells.

From Mid-November

I’m still making meatloaf but using turkey instead:

In fact, turkey mince is my new best friend. I make breakfast patties and turkey burgers (although those pictured had apple and oregano and tasted like toothpaste). I eat wafer thin turkey instead of ham.

I change from eating half a dozen eggs over maybe 10 days to eating 1 or 2 every day**. I perfect poaching eggs, I buy an eggcup, then another. I rediscover “chip omelette”.

I’m even adding extra eggs to other meals.

I buy a coffee grinder to grind fresh spices because I love lentils but I know you’ve got to pack a curry with them in with punch.

I make chicken tikka to eat with my lentil curry, then eat another piece with salad. I make soup from leftovers and throw lentils in as a matter of course. I finally finish the lentil chilli!

I up my fish consumption. Prawn stir fry, salmon sandwiches, tuna fishcakes, salmon risotto, fish pie.

Overall I’m really rather fond of the new plan. I find I’m eating a variety of foods and vegetables. I’ve upped eggs, I know, but I’ve cut down refined carbs (changed ratio rather than cut out, one slice bread to 2 eggs instead of the other way round). I still eating “treats” like crisps but I’m rarely so hungry by the end of the work day I have to snack on the way home.

There have been moments:

Yes, this is just pasta, oil and cheese with salt and pepper

And just this week I probably gave myself a headache by having this novel (to me) breakast

Home-made granola with yoghurt and fruit. Not good for Ang in the morning.

But I’m generally feeling positive enough to risk looking at upping my exercise…

*It’s the old midwinter thing. Hard to motivate myself to even write nonsense online.

**I worried myself so much with my increase that  I had to check what the limit was for egg consumption per week.