Back in January I wrote about my experience of the new Weightwatchers plan New year, old me. Approximately six months later seems as good a time as any to reflect on how things are going.

Overall, I’m still really happy with the plan and the freedom I have. I am less happy with my behaviours, particularly over the tough April/May period with lots of social commitments and work stresses.

Everything pictured here fits in with the plan because nothing is banned. The main benefit has been when I went into the challenging April/May period (not tracking, not counting, eating what I wanted) the foundation was there so I didn’t gain the weight I’d lost. In fact, I pretty much stayed the same. Combining the plan with regular exercise has meant that this year I’ve lost just over half a stone. I’m more than happy with this as I’m now a lower weight than when I first went to weightwatchers (in the 1990’s!) and I’m only 4 or 5 lbs heavier than before my operation (which is when I put on ALL THE WEIGHT I’d lost when I couldn’t eat because of my gallbladder and had dropped 3 stone).