Moving to a management role in 2019 has meant that I have entered a new developmental phase in my career. The next three years, in terms of personal development, will be concentrating on increasing my skills in project management, strategic development, and people management. I am also giving some consideration to a formal teaching qualification, although it may be that I can enhance my skills using resources developed in the college environment.

With this in mind I expect to further embed into my role at the college. In terms of technology provision we are already moving into the next phase of our VLE review. Our plan in the next 6 months is to update the current locally-hosted Moodle and move to cloud-based provision. This both enhances our system resilience and will open up new tools and reporting. At the same time I want to move away from WordPress as our student intranet and gateway to Moodle and move to something that we can more flexibly update. The pivot to online really illustrated that a single sign on gateway to all the systems the students use is vital for a great student experience and digital confidence, and with this in place we should be able to integrate more easily updates to digital tools. With the introduction of T-levels I will be working with the Quality and MIS teams to introduce a ePortfolio system integrated with the student records.